The Keen Bean Peoples 

Name: Grace Nyarie Fewster 

Age: 19

Position: The Keen Bean Queen 

Likes: Scrumdidilyumshious food, Interesting people, Fun facts.

Dislikes: Being wrong, The word LOL, Fingernails scraping a chalkboard.

Skills: Watermelon munching, Talking like donald duck, Bee chat.

Story: It all started as a young child playing shops, painstakingly painting pinecones, baking cakes and making massage vouchers, all for the one day when my parents and grandparents would come with their loose change and buy it all in a matter of minutes, thinking back on it I don't think I was very business savvy but you have to start somewhere. Having had some learning in the area of business I decided to start up the Keen Bean, after doing many hours of research and getting all the required bits and bobs, The Keen Bean has begun!

More peoples still to come